Gameness Pearl Gis are here!

The all new Gameness ultra light weight, rubber collar, fast drying, and extra durable Gameness Gi has arrived!

This kimono is by far the finest kimono I’ve adorned for several reasons. Without elaborating on the many gi’s I’ve had the pleasure to DON over numerous years, this “PEARL” is superior to all competitors and will truly revolutionize how manufacturer’s design gi’s from this point forward. This kimono has the supple feel of a very comfy single, nevertheless, the strength of a double. The lapel is approx 2 inches wide with little flexibility. The exterior of the kimono appears to have miniature micro like nodules creating an almost grip resistant exterior. The core of the gi plainly does not permit chaffing; it wears to some degree like a custom-made velvet jacket. The pants have a nice non-rope band (not too tricky to loosen once wet). Furthermore, the knees of the pant have double stitching and the fabric is a high quality, durable fabric, yet, very pliable.

The point of hullabaloo for countless BJJ players; the Pit-bull on the backside has departed with only the Gameness logo on the left and right shoulders as well as at the bottom of the kimono top. Guys, I promise this is by far the supreme gi out there and you’d be amiss you didn’t get one. The sizing is right on too. Shrinkage in VERY negligible when washing in hot and drying on hot. The end!

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