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The German Top Team looks for new challenges in 2008!

After a very very successfull year 2007 the GTT ( ) is already looking for new challenges in the upcoming year. We have more than 20 fighters in our team – both Pro and Semi-Pro – who are ready to go for any fight.

This year our athletes competed in the following events:

Grappling/BJJ- ADCC Swiss Open (Switzerland)- ADCC German Open (Germany)- ADCC European Trials (Finland)- Submissao Championships (Germany)- Lock and Choke (Germany)- Sub-Battle (Germany)- Tap or Snap (Germany)- IDM Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Germany)- TSUNAMI Fighting Championships (Germany)

MMA- Ultimate Warrior Challenge 3 (England)- Yogaka Fight Party (Switzerland)- All Japan Shidokan Open (Japan)- World Shidokan Open (USA)- Fists of Fury (Germany)- FX 3 Fight Night (England)- SHOOTO (Belgium)- Ring of Truth (Ireland)- Cage Rage Contenders (Ireland)- Vale Tudo Fight Night (Germany)

Here is a brief overview about our athletes:

Pro-Fighters- Daniel Ackerman (Suum Cuique Mainz) – Philipp Schade (Sakura Dojo Freudenstadt) – Franco de Leonardis (Dragon’s Cave Hanau) – Andreas Beckert (SHI KON Fight Club) – Peter Angerer (Kamikaze Dojo Nürtingen) – Vlajko Perovic (Kampfsportschule Allerborn Backnang) – Andreas Schmidt (Team Andyconda Köln) – Jochen Gieb (Shidokan Thaiboxing Wernau) – Thorsten Kronz (Kampfsportschule Allerborn Backnang)

Beside those nine professionals we have also loads of up and coming newcomers and semi professional fighters in our team, who mostly have fought internationally, too.

Please feel free to take a look on our website at and read all the news and results of our fighters as well as detailed bios of our athletes. We are sure that these fighters will fit your next upcoming event and we are always open for any cooperation.

We wish you and your family and loved ones a peacefull holiday season as well as a lucky and prosperous new year 2008!

Sincerely yours,

Peter “Yamatodamashii” AngererMatch-Maker German Top Team

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