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Camp Options for All AgesVisit our web page to learn about our camp location closest to you.

Future Champions: grades 1 – 3• Fun & fundamentals for youth wrestlers

Kids Training: grades 3 – 7• A more advanced option for the serious youth wrestler

Technique Camp: grades 7 – 12• Technical instruction will be emphasized with limited live wrestling

Gold Medal Training Camp: grades 7 – 12• Specific sessions for live wrestling and technical instruction

Super Gold Medal Training Camp: grades 7 – 12• Multi-week advanced learning and training for serious wrestlers

Free Chertow Camp T-shirt will be given to all campers enrolled by March 31.Get the Edge!

Super Gold Medal CampsAdvanced, Multi-Week Learning and Training

You will receive personalized coaching and feedback from our staff of superstar clinicians in small, instructional groups. Super Gold Medal Training Camp will be a valuable investment in your future.

Get 4 free Instructional DVDs for enrolling in any of our Super Gold Camps by May 1.

Team Camp OptionsSubstantial Group Discounts

Attention Coaches & Team Leaders: Attend any week of Gold Medal Training or Team Camp and your team will learn the techniques, drilling methods, and intensity that it takes to become a champion! We encourage you to attend camp with your team and stay in our first class facilities. Ken and our dedicated staff are available daily for questions and valuable personal feedback. A coach or parent organizing a group will receive FREE food and housing.

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