Get to know Team Quest coach Dr. Ryan Parsons on Carson’s Corner!

On this edition of Carson’s Corner, Bob sat down for a great talk with Team Quest trainer Dr. Ryan Parsons.

Dr. Parsons is the brains behind Light Force Nutrition. He is a noted diet and nutrition expert in MMA, and is credited as the force behind Randy Couture’s successful move to light heavyweight a few years ago. On this show, Dr. Parsons discusses the basics of nutrition and how it applies to fighting.

Ryan and Bob also talk about a wide-ranging variety of fight-related topics, including: Matt Lindland and his quest for political office, Randy Couture’s move away from Team Quest, Anderson Silva’s impressive run at the top of the UFC’s middleweight division, Phil Baroni, Chris Wilson, Mayhem Miller, the MMA scene in Japan and much more.

Additionally, Bob covers the latest news and rumors in the sport, including the latest on World Championship Fighting, the upcoming Primetime Fighting Championship card and the box office failure of “Redbelt.” Listener email is covered as well. It’s all here!

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