The new, all-women’s GFIGHT promotion has officially announced their startup of an amateur promotion to ensure the proper development of female MMA fighters.

GFIGHT, in conjunction with HOOKnSHOOT, has proposed adding the “Rising Stars” division specifically for women just starting out in MMA.

While already in development before Kim Couture’s pro debut, long-time women’s MMA advocate Jeff Osborne had the plans set in motion.

“I believe that many women jump the gun at turning pro before they fully develop their skills. Some because there are so few women to fight at a certain weight, some who think they’re ready, some just for money…..there are many different reasons to keep yourself in check” says Osborne.

“It was different three to five years ago when we only had about 20 active fighters but today is different” continues Osborne. “I think women like Jan Finney and Molly Helsel are prime examples. These two have skills to beat anyone on any given day and yet some people criticize their records because they jumped into pro fights before taking a single amateur bout.”

“The women don’t have the luxury of fighting jobbers/tomato can fighters to build themselves or test themselves. They don’t have hundreds of potential opponents like the men do.” says Osborne who worries about how women’s records are perceived by promoters.

“I had planned on a women’s amateur division about a year ago. I wanted to show that there is a safe, equal and honest place to fight before making the jump to professional status. Women like Mariah Reed had talked of turning pro only because she couldn’t find opponents. I’d like to change that” finishes Osborne.

GFIGHT is planning to crown it’s first professional champion at 115lbs on September 27, 2008 in Evansville, IN. It has confirmed Angela Magana, Nicdali Calanoc and Patti Lee. Others interested should contact or log onto for information.

Gfight is about to make a major announcement in the upcoming weeks regarding a monumental gathering of women fighters and grapplers.

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