Gi vs No Gi debate SOLVED!!!!

The Gi vs No Gi debate has been SOLVED!!!

While Gi Traditionalists argue that the fundamentals of grappling must be conveyed while wearing a gi. Others contend that the training must reflect the situation, and that No Gi is the way of the future. Battle lines have been drawn and the debate rages on!

The trump card the Gi players have always had is the belt. Without a gi, there’s no belt, and how else are you going to show off your the rank you’ve achieved through years of hard work? Even the No Gi players like to look good on the mat….

The Built to Fight Belt Shorts are here!

Who’s says that when when your gi comes off so does your belt? The New Built to Fight Belt shorts are here! Now proudly display your rank on your grappling shorts!

We have made the Built to Fight Belt Shorts for hard core training. These shorts were especially designed for grappling and cut perfectly for performing any maneuver.

The fabric is made out of a mechanical stretch material that will not tear. Every seam is double or triple stitched with reinforcements on all the important spots.

Belt is actually attached to the shorts and displays in 360 degrees the rank you’ve earned on the mat. Reinforced material in the belt for Kimura defense! Patent Pending Triple Velcro Lock makes sure these shorts stay on when you put them on. Perfect fo rom when the opposition tries to grab hold of you!

Discreet rear velcro pocket large enough to hold your keys and money when your hanging out off the mat.

The shorts have also been treated with Ciba Tinosan antimicrobial to keep the staph and ringworm out of them!

And so the great Gi vs No Gi debate continues, albeit with a leveled playing field. What do we here at OTM think? Be a complete grappler and learn to adapt to all situations, and do BOTH!

Train it, love, but get ON THE MAT!

For a limited time get these short at $10 off! Enter OTM$10OFFMP into the coupon code and get these shorts for 49.99!

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