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Hi everyone, this is Richard Lundell, President of Grapplers Unite. I would like to give you all some information on the Grapplers Unite Tournamentcoming to Utah May 21st, 2005. We are expecting over 350 competitors to compete from all over the West Coast. We have personally contacted every listed school on the West Coast. Our first annual competition will be the biggest tournament to ever come to Utah. Do not miss the opportunity to compete in this muchlarger scale event. The entry fee for the Grapplers Unite competition costs $60 if you pre-register, and $75 at the door. When you pre-register you receive aFREE T-SHIRT.

This is the first submission grappling tournament in Utah to offer 61 divisions: Children, which are separated by weight; Teens 14-17 years old alsoseparated by weight; Womens 4 divisions separated by weight; Adult Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced seperated into weight categories. As wellas Masters divisions 35-45 years old separated by weight; and Executive divisions 45+ years old also separated by weight. There are 61 divisions total,and the best competition you will find anywhere.This tournament will be a no-gi single elimination tournament, and you will also be able to sign up for the Absolute Division with no extra charge. There willl be several absolute divisions: Children Absolute, Teen Absolute, Womens Ablsolute, Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, as well as Masters, and Executive. The winner of the Absolute Divisions will receive a large trophy as recognition of their championship titles.

If you are not up for the competition side of things, you will be excited to hear that we are setting up some incredible superfights that you will beable to watch at the competition. You can pre-register your tickets for this event for only $10 so that you will not miss these exceptional matches. If you do not want to pre-register, you can still see the event for $15 at the door.

Thank you everyone, and we hope to see you represented at this prestigious event. To personally contact us, please call 801-427-4510 or email

See you May 21st at Grapplers Unite!

President of Grapplers UniteRichard Lundell

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