San Diego April 3, 2008 – West Coast grappling is about to undergo a renaissance. The Grappling Experience, a company formed to bring quality and consistent grappling tournaments to the cities of the of the western United States, will be hosting it’s first event on Saturday May 17th 2008 in San Diego California. The Grappling Experience, or Grappling-X, was formed by Fight Lab owner, Cory Cass and Total Combat fighter relations director, Shawn Fowler. Both Cass and Fowler have extensive experience in organizing grappling competitions and state sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts fight cards.

The purpose of GX is to give grappling enthusiasts the opportunity to compete on a consistent basis within their own communities in a safe structured environment. In the past many jiu jitsu and submission wrestling students have had to travel up to hundreds of miles to simply test their skills against others in the sport. They would also have to wait months for the next competition due to the fact that most organizations only schedule tournament on an annual basis. GX intends to have multiple tournaments in multiple cities throughout the western states, giving competitors not only the chance to compete multiple times a year but to compete under a consistent rule set and be involved in an accurate ranking system that will comprise all GX tournaments. For more information on upcoming tournaments or to contact GX officials please visit

The May 17th tournament will be held at 303 Palm Avenue in National City CA just minutes south of downtown San Diego. Visit for weigh in locations and times. All competitors are guaranteed at least two matches.

See you on the mat.

Brian Piepenbrink

Grappling Experience, LLC.

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