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Georges St. Pierre has not fought in nearly three years and turned 35 years this year, but he told Ariel Helwani that he is ready to return to the sport and he is in his peak. This comes after last week when new Middleweight champion Michael Bisping said he was contacted about a bout with he former Welterweight champion. GSP also said he is 100 percent ready to focus on training and has completed a test camp. The real question lies at why coming back at 185?

Is GSP too heavy now after his extended layoff? Has not fighting with he use of iV become a problem? Well, he never was too heavy in his fighting days but another leg injury and not constantly watching his weight may have affected him. Plus, cutting weight affects the amount of damage you take when getting hit and this may be one way GSP is trying to combat getting hurt upon his return. Ultimately, the question lies on what does this mean with respect to the sale of the UFC.

Two of the promotions biggest stars are set to return with GSP and Brock Lesnar. The UFC does not run a real tight ship and one has to wonder how these types of deals will float in an age when the promotion is ran more like a company. The UFC and Luffa is a privately owned business and what goes on behind closed doors is only the people involved with that deal. Now, when you are ran by a conglomerate or large corporation, things will change but who is to say if it is for the better or worse. Only time will tell, but having GSP back is a good thing, but this sale should have everyone watching themselves.

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