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ISLAND BOY EVENTS, INC.MIXED MARTIAL ARTS EVENT ANNOUNCEMENTDan “The Beast” Severn Main Event for Hand To Hand Combat to be held at the San Jose State University Event Center

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA –September 13, 2006 – Island Boy Events, Inc.

Island Boy Events, Inc. is an event management company in the business of promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Island Boy Events is hosting MMA action in San Jose on November 3, 2006 with “Hand To Hand Combat” (HTH).

Mixed Martial Arts is a relatively new sport, only over a decade old, and new to California as the law banning the sport was lifted in December 2005. MMA events have been held in our hometown of Guam and Hawaii since its rise in popularity thanks to the “Ultimate Fighting Championship” (US) and “Pride” out of Japan. The islands have a fighting culture that embrace the sport of MMA and has lead to its success in the region. Island Boy Events will provide a platform for fighters to showcase their skills and allow an arena for spectators to enjoy.

Hand To Hand Combat is a generic term for close quarter fighting and is used as a term by the United States Marine Corps; thus, as a former US Marine the name will be used to honor military tradition by using it for the purpose of MMA. HTH will be held at the San Jose State University Event Center on November 3 2006, where attendance can reach up to 5,000 and is sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission.

Doors open at 6:30pm and with the first fight starting at 7:30pm. Tickets go on sale September 18, 2006; prices start at $45 and are available at TicketMaster or by calling 408-998-8497. The Main Event will bring the legendary Hall of Fame recipient Dan “The Beast” Severn to San Jose for South Bay MMA action!

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