With Thanksgiving and the Holidays right around the corner, we are asking you if you can sponsor a child at Blackmat MMA. This would give a child in need the opportunity to participate in our afterschool programs. We are a non profit 501-c-3 Charity organization that serves the youth in the community. 


Our Mission is to rebuild family values by creating a family environment for "underprivileged" and "at risk youth" and young adults through Mixed Martial Arts as a means to teach respect, self discipline, confidence, family and team relationships. We strive to build emotionally healthly kids and caring responsible adults.


Our afterschool programs include, Martial Arts, Character Development program, Tutoring / Homework support, Nutrition and Fitness program, Drug and Alcohol prevention program, etc.


We work with and partner up with many agencies in the community including:


The East LA Sheriffs, Lakewood Sheriffs, Altedena Sheriffs, Temple City Sheriffs, Department of Children Family Services, Salvation Army, East Whittier City School District, Spirit Family Services and Whole Child.


As we work together "as a team" we help so many families and youth in the community. Blackmat MMA has served over 1000 kids within 9 years, and continues to help and serve our community. However in order to continue to reach out we need your support. We are asking for a tax deductible monthly contribution of $25.00 or a one time donation of $50.00 or more. We realize that we are in difficult times right now but we believe that the "Key to life is to give".



This is also an invitation to please come by Blackmat MMA and see for yourself the difference that the Charity is making. We are located at 12200 East Washington Blvd, Suite J, California, 90606.


All Donations are tax deducatble.



Sincerley yours

The Blackmat MMA Board

12200 East Washington Blvd, Suite J

Whittier, Ca, 90606

Telephone 323-864-4385




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