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3 New DVD in stock in the OTM Store!Georges St. Pierre MMA Vol. 1 + 2

Volume 1 Stand-up & Striking, Takedown & Takedown Defense, Fighter Conditioning Training

Volume 2 Submissions & Ground Game, Ground Game Tips, Fighter Conditioning Training

UFC Veteran and TKO Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre shows his secrets which make him sucessful in the Octagon!

For the first time ever you can learn how he out-grappled wrestling champion Frank Trigg, brutalizing him with strikes and finishing him with a rear naked choke. Also learn how he trains for conditioning as well. He shows you everything but his winning backflip.

Budweiser Cup 2 DVD Set

The Bud Cup brings the finest in martial arts action to Carrabus County, North Carolina. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling Superstars take to the mat to battle out for the prestigious Bud Cup World Championship Title. Double DVD set including Bud Cup 2004 and 2005 with 34 complete matches!

Bud Cup 2004

Pedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Junior AssuncaoRaphael Assuncao vs Marcelo BrandaoPedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Diego SaraviaRaphael Assuncao vs Dennis HayesDiego Saravia vs Dennis HayesPedro “Pedrinho” Brandao vs Raphael AssuncaoMarcel Ferraira vs Chris MoriartyRyan Ellison vs Anthony Wayne HussMarcel Ferraira vs Brett ThompsonLamont Tyler vs Jeff MonsonAlex Franks vs Scott ZDiego Saravia vs Nestor Bayot (BJJ Match)+ 2 More Complete Matches

Submission Highlights from the Regular Tournament

Bud Cup 2005

Mike Easton vs Klint RadwaniMike Fowler vs Jo Jo GuarinMike Fowler vs Leo MarquesJo Jo Guarin vs Leo MarquesRemco Pardoel vs Roy NelsonJustin Farmer vs Daniel ValverdeDennis Hayes vs Noah BoothDennis Hayes vs Justin FarmerDaniel Valverde vs Noah BoothAdemir Olivera vs Dan SimmlerMike Meitzler vs Chris MoriartyIgor Almedia vs Rafael Lovato Jr.Dan Simmler vs Chris MoriartyDan Simmler vs Rafael Lovato Jr.Justin Jacobs vs Rick MacauleyCarlos da Silva vs Roy NelsonJeff Monson vs Rick MacauleyCaveman vs Roy NelsonCaveman vs Rick MacauleyJeff Monson vs Roy Nelson

+ Selected Highlights

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