How To Become A Jiu Jitsu World Champ, via Vegan Youtuber/Cyclist

Umm… Yeah.

Enjoy what DurianRider has to say about becoming a BJJ world champ.

Oh yeah, there’s something about a cult:

“I definitely believe it’s a cult. We’re all part of cults, whether we want to be or not,” Durianrider told me. “We’re pack animals.”

“I mean, you can call it a cult,” Freelee replied mildly when I mentioned Durianrider’s comments. “People call it all sorts of things, but usually cults are associated with like, religious movements.” I pointed out that there was a certain evangelical undertone to her videos. And what about all this talk of a movement?

“If that helps them to stay in the lifestyle, if that that helps them feel like they’re part of a community, why not?” him and then romantic partner Freelee said.

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