How to condition your shins and make them into weapons!

How to condition your shins for powerful kicks and devastating leg checks! 


One things all fighters strive for is an edge over the competition. Having strongly developed shins can be a great weapon.


With highly conditioned shins, you can destroy your opponent’s legs and body with your kicks, or make him pay by blocking his kicks.


To make your shins hard, you need two things…..Lots of time on a heavy bag, and IRON SHIN conditioning liniment. This is NOT the Thai liniment for sore muscles, but a little known herbal formula that is especially made to toughen and harden the shins for maximum devastating power.


You will end your fights by blocking your opponent’s kicks!


The plan is to start out by kicking the bag 5 or 10 minutes and working your way up to 30 minutes on each leg. After every session, you apply a small amount of IRON SHIN, which will repair the broken tissue and make your shins like iron!


You can also use it toughen knuckles, elbows, and forearms.

A 1oz bottle of IRON SHIN is $15, plus $3 for shipping.

To order, send an email to: or call (559)480-7806.

Wholesale orders are available for gyms. Testimonials by request.


Get your edge today! 

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