I remember when discs were CD discs or disk drives. Now discs are ruining my life.

After I got out of the emergency room, I got sent to a few doctors for follow up to my back injury. I got sent to a pain specialist & orthopedic surgeon. The pain guy just wanted to pump me up with cortisone and crap. I was over that, but he did take this crazy x-ray of my discs. 

If you look at the bottom L5 vertebra and S1 at the top of the pelvis, you can see there is not much disc left. So I got bone on bone with a crushed disc on my nerves. That is what is causing the numb, tingling, and throbbing down my left leg and in to the foot. My foot is freezing cold all the time.  

My left leg is really weird, I can not stand on my toes or do much with my foot.  My calf, my achilles, and my metatarsal… all three don’t work at all!  Not a single nervous response or reflex out of any of them. It’s just a lame leg from the knee down. 

So next it is off to get the MRI and see what the surgeon says.

Anyone get back surgery before in that area? What happened?


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