Fernando Terere BJJ Interview

If you are not a Fernando Terere fan, You don’t love BJJ!

In the late 1990s and in to the new decade Fernando Terere was a major personality in the sport BJJ game.

He won the worlds as a blue belt early on and just didnt stop.  He put his heart in to Jiu Jitsu and it showed.  When Fernando Terere would step on the mat he brought with him 100s of raving fans who would electrify him in to some of the most amazing performances every to be on the mat.

Before he even started a match, the crowd would explode in to chants of “Hoop Terere!” and giant flags and banners would be flown.  His father could always be seen leading the pack with his own personal excitement.

Fernando Terere would fight at any weight class and put on an amazing performance.  I remember personally being mat side at the world when he fought then thought to be unstoppable Marcelo Garcia, who he made short work of and submitted with a triangle choke.

Terere had a smile you could see from a cross the gym and it never faded especially when he got on the mat.  You could just feel his love of jiu jitsu from his smile and love of competition.

Fernando Terere was a living legend.   He took a down turn however and during that time he hit bottom.  But he was still very missed and not forgotten. I was one of the people that wrote a recommendation letter for him to get his work visa in the USA and when got arrested on the plane they contacted all of us that had recommended him.  It wasn’t a good time.  We all loved Terere he was nice to everyone and a great guy.  So we wondered what had happened to him and to this day not sure what really went down.

It is great to see him back OTM.  We missed you Terere.

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