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Sucata had upsets and huge awards in his career. Recently (and prior this interview be conducted) he won his third fight on the road in 2006 by submission against Marcus BowerFormer BTT and Carlson Gracie Team member, and nowadays WolfSlair head-coach in UK, the Brazilian BJJ black-belt and MMMA fighter, Mario “Sucata” Neto was caught up by us directly from England. Sucata is better know by his epic fight in Brazil against Dan “The Beast” Severn at Universal Fighting ValeTudo 4 in 1996 and where Sucata was recognized like a warrior by taking that fight with short-notice and being beaten by Severn (in that period a current UFC champion) via decision after 40 minutes of action in a Vale Tudo octagon in Rio de Janeiro. Many years already passed and living in England, Sucata had upsets and huge awards in his career. Recently (and prior this interview be conducted) he won his third fight on the road in 2006 by submission against Marcus Bower, coincidentally Dan Severn fought at same event. Take a look on his history at the lines below.

DENIS MARTINS: How did this opportunity of living in UK appear for you?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Well, in reality the Academy already existed, and it was conducted by Kazeka Muniz (Gracie Barra), I already knew Kazeka from the time I spent in Belgium. So he invited me to make part of the team here in England. But for his personal reasons, he went back to USA and the manager of his team (Anthony) invited me to control the things here. DENIS MARTINS: When did you leave from Brazil?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: December 2004 DENIS MARTINS: Was your beginning in England a tough one or you got to be successful since the start of it?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Every beginning of a project is tough, mainly in a country where the culture, the language and the climate are totally different from Brazil. These were just a piece of the troubles, I still under phase of adaptation and I know I have to do a lot here yet. I hope to collect the fruits of this good job done now in the future. DENIS MARTINS: Before England you stayed in Holland too?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Before my living here in England I stayed in Belgium and I rained in Golden Glory at Holland. The intention there in Golden Glory was only to be a fighter, and now at England- I am a fighter and head-coach. DENIS MARTINS: What can you tell us about your academy, the WolfSlair Gym?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: The main target here was the MMA, but with my way of conducting the organization I got to add the BJJ too. We have 20 MMA fighters and a few of them have a great potential and soon they will participate of events such as Pride and UFC. The academy has a huge structure, with a cage, a ring and an excellent mat’s area- where we can work with different fights’ modalities. We offer also training-sessions of Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Submission Wrestling DENIS MARTINS: Are you a Carlson Gracie black-belt or you only represented him between 1997 and 2000?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Actually the one who graduated me black-belt was a Carlson’s black-belt named Gutemberg Mello. And then when I moved from my state (Paraiba) to Rio de Janeiro in 2000, Carlson signed my black-belt diploma. I started my BJJ training in 1991 with master Luis Barbosa, and then a little time after it I went to training under supervision of Mello. I had the honor of being introduced to Carlson in a seminar that he did with Liborio in the Northeast state of Brazil named Pernambuco. So since then- I became a Carlson Gracie Team representative. DENIS MARTINS: You were a BTT member too, how was this period in your career?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: No doubts BTT is one of the best MMA teams of the world. I learned a lot there and I believe I made very good friends there. DENIS MARTINS: In the Cagewarriors’ events I saw several Brazilians from the Northeast of Brazil representing your team. Did you bring them?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: I brought Henrique “Chocolate” Nogueira, Josenildo “Loquinha”, Adre Galloti and Antonio Silva. They are excellent fighters and they were without any opportunity in Brazil. The guys are with me and they are my students since I lived in Brazil. I didn’t it because I am a nice guy, the reason is why I believe they have a great potential to be explored.

DENIS MARTINS: Does Antonio Silva still make part of your team?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: No. DENIS MARTINS: He trained in BTT and came-back to England. And now he is going to ATT. Is this the reason of his departure from your team?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Not in fact. Antonio had problems of adaptation since his first fights here in England. He fought twice here and left again. He did his option and I hope that his choice be good for him. DENIS MARTINS: How is your relationship with him?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Since he left we did not talk each other. By my side I do not have any resentment to him. Everybody has the right of making its own choices. DENIS MARTINS: There are two weight divisions in Cagewarriors, you fight into heavyweight and Antonio fights super-heavyweight. If it was only one, would you think on fighting him?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: I do not think on it, I have other goals in my mind. He was my student, so I do not know a why of this fight happens. DENIS MARTINS: You stay off of MMA events during three years. Why did it happen?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: I had several injuries in last years. Nowadays I am in good shape and without any injury. I think I still have a huge opportunity on MMA, and I am looking for it. DENIS MARTINS: How was your anxiety during your return at CWFC-“Enter the WolfSlair” against Przemfslaw Mysiala?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: I was really nervous (laughs). I only fought because one of my students injured himself 2 weeks prior of the event and the promoters asked if I would like of fighting. I believed it would be a good return; even I have not fought since 2002. I accepted and got to submit Mysiala near of the end of R1. DENIS MARTINS: In my opinion you were hungry for fighting. Because 20 days after your fight return, you fought again. Am I right?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: And between my fight against Mysiala and this one that you talked about(against Markus Hipp) I competed in a submission event where I came across like the champion. I did not have a stop of training and like I did not injure myself, I resolved to fight with this small gap between the fights. DENIS MARTINS: Does your team have a partnership to Cagewarriors?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: We have a partnership. We are the Cagewarriors ProFight team. DENIS MARTINS: Looking back into your career people that still did not recognize you will remember about the old days of MMA (when it was titled ValeTudo) and you fought against Dan “The Beast” Severn at Universal Fighting ValeTudo 4. What can you tell us about that experience?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Well, people think that was my first fight, but I already fought 18 MMA contest. I would participate of the tournament (won by Kevin Randleman)- but when I arrived on the gymnasium, the promoter Mario Yamazaki asked me if I would like to fight in the THE PEDRO’s place against Severn[THE PEDRO had injured himself]. I told myself that would be my huge chance. So the rest of the history everybody already knows, we fought during 30 minutes, plus 10 minutes in extra round and he decisioned me at that night. DENIS MARTINS: In 1997 you faced two fighters(Randleman and Gary Goodridge) who nowadays fight inside premier MMA organizations. Are you still ‘hunting’ for the same recognition than they did?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Of course. I believe I had a lot to show, and 2006 will be the year where the things will happen. DENIS MARTINS: You won an 8 man tournament in 2003 named WAFC. Was this the biggest challenge of your career until then?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Not only by fighting 3 times in same night, but due to the problems we faced on that opportunity. We had problems with the immigration in Russia, the Brazilian fighter Katel Kubis who fought in the tournament under 85kgs was without his visa and we stayed into the immigration office until 3:00am of Saturday, and the event would start 6:00pm. We got to resolved the problems and went to the hotel to sleep. So when we woke-up in the dinner’s time, my corner-man (Gaby) told me that only the winner of the tournament would receive a prize money. I nearly got crazy, but with enough calm and inserted at my mind I had to win the tournament. So I beat three guys on same night and besides of it I ‘fought’ against the referee’s attitude during the fights. He acted really bad to steal the conquest from my hands. Just to mention into the final match, I took the guy down and the referee re-started the fight on the feet quickly than you can think. The situation was soshameless that the own Russian audience booed the referee and started at cheering for me. DENIS MARTINS: Next steps?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: I have the target of developing each time more my trainings waiting for the huge opportunity in big events. I am already ready for it. DENIS MARTINS: Okay Neto, thanks for your time, and would you like to leave a final message?

Mario “Sucata” Neto: Thank you very much for the opportunity at I would like to thanks the Office of Sports & Leisure of Paraiba state(Secretaria de Esportes da Paraiba), EAS, Supplements UK, my family and my real friends and students. My final message is to the people who is starting on this scene now, do not give-up, believe in your dreams, train strongly and be always ready for all moments of the life.

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