Indianapolis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu | Joe Moreira Interview 09/12/2011

Hey guys.  Last month I hosted a seminar with Joe Moreira at my school Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu.  This was my first time meeting and training with Joe.  I was very impressed but what would you expect from over 45 years of refined technique.  The game he showed was very fundamental but broken down so well that any belt level would benefit from it. 

Afterwards we all went to my place for some food and I surprised Joe with a Brazilian style churrasco and feijoada.  He told me that he was concerned at first since it was not made with Brazilian hands but afterwards was thoroughly impressed. 

The next day I got to pick his brain about BJJ past and present.  During this time I put together a short interview.  Hope you enjoy it.

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