Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Seminar with Luiz Filho and Kroyler Gracie Leao

What:  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu "Closed Guard" Seminar with Luiz Filho and Kroyler Gracie Leao

When:  Friday, November 2nd

Where:  Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu

How Much:  $75.00 prepay or $90.00 at the door

It is with great pleasure that I announce this upcoming seminar at Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu!  Luiz Filho and Kroyler Gracie Leao will be hosting a "Closed Guard" seminar at our gym on Friday, November 2nd.  It will be limited to the first 25 people, so you must sign up immediately!

Luiz Filho is a 6-stripe Black Belt under the Confederacao Brasileiro de Jiu Jitsu and the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation.  He is known for his attacking closed guard game and brings with him decades of experience.  Luiz was also my first instructor in Fortaleza, Brazil, and  good friend. 

His son Kroyler Gracie Leao, a grandson of BJJ founder and Grandmaster Helio Gracie will also be in attendance.  Kroyler successfully competes all over the world and is also known for a fierce attacking closed guard game. 

Both will be at our school to show the secrets and details behind having a successful closed guard.  They will talk about strategy, how to think, and help to understand the proper body mechanics and timing behind making your closed guard more effective. 

Call 317-979-4466 or contact us through the website immediately to reserve your spot now!

See you on the mats!


Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu
916 E. Main St.
Suite 111
Greenwood, IN. 46143

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