Interview with Isaac “High Risk” Gutierrez

             OTM- You are coming off of a two fight losing streak does this impact your approach to this fight?

"High Risk"- Not too much. I do have a new personal trainer, Fernando Vargas, he has gotten me a lot           stronger and in better cardio shape.

OTM-Is this a make it or break it fight, or will we see more High risk regardless of the outcome?

OTM-You and your wife are expecting a child, does this effect your journey to the top of the fight world?

"High Risk"-This isn’t make it or break it I’m 5-3 right now, i still have a winning record. A loss wouldn’t be good though. I might be taking a little time off to spend time with my baby girl who is due in may though! I’m playing it by ear man! If I make it great if I don’t great I love fighting. Fighting isn’t my career it’s my hobby. I’m a union ironworker so to be honest Im not sure how much longer I can juggle both.

OTM-What do expect from your opponent, is he a ground fighter? Stand up fighter?


"High Risk"- Ive seen Carlos fight a couple times and I haven’t seen any ground play from him so hopefully we meet in the middle and see who goes to sleep first.

OTM-What is your game plan coming into this fight?


"High Risk"-Game plans are secrets!

OTM-Where do you train ?


 "High Risk"-I train at subfighter/ bodyshop under Tracy hess and subfighter mma oc under Adam Lynn and Russ miura.

OTM-Your walk out fight song "Every Day im Hustling" by Three six Mafia why did you choose this song and does it reflect your life and struggles to get to where you are?

"High Risk"-Hustlin is my anthem by Rick Ross. I hustle man I work hard at work and train hard not too Many people do both.

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