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Bevois: I’m joined today by a woman who is simply put the definition of class and beauty. Dame Rebecca Leigh of Annapolis.

Rebecca: Just Rebecca.

Bevois: My first question for you is… you are electric.

Rebecca: That’s.. that’s not really a question. That’s more of a statement.

Bevois: You arrre electric? You are electric?

Rebecca: uh, yes? … I guess I’m, electric.

Bevois: Thank you for your honesty.

Bevois: Umm, look I’m a professional journalist, alright, and I’m not gonna pull any punches and this next question is gonna be difficult and probably emotional. Is it true that you recently broke up with Rachelle Leah?

Rebecca: No. No, I never dated Rachelle Leah. I’m straight.

Bevois: Oh…really. Well, all riiight. Heh heh heh…

Rebecca: Heh huh uh…

Bevois: (staring longingly at Rebecca) Is there something going on between us right now? Can you feel it… Is it just me?

Rebecca: Uh, well I kinda like your mustache.

Bevois: All right… Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it… I’m getting lost in your eyes, are you getting lost in mine?

Rebecca: I’m feeling a little lost right now.

Bevois: Hahaha, you’re funny.

Rebecca: …heh eh, yeah.

Bevois: “You are my Swedish lady… with the weirdo name. Oh Swedish lady, together we’ll be like two piiirates, sailing the seven seas. Will we find gold or will we find looove or will we make a baby and name him Joakim? Joakim Rebecca Leigh.”

Rebecca: Did you just make that up?

Bevois: No, I wrote it. It took two years to write that song. Are you impressed?

Rebecca: That was somethin’.

Bevois: Is the connection deepening… at all?… after that??

Rebecca: Uhm…

Bevois: Mmmm?…MMmmmm??…..

(To help ease the awkwardness, they continue the inquisition in a hot tub.)

Bevois: This is a lot more comfortable environment for an interview, don’t you think?

Rebecca: I feel a lot more relaxed, thank you…

Bevois: Good, good. Let me ask you, you worked with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. Is that true?

Rebecca: That’s right, yeah…

Bevois: What was that like?

Rebecca: Yeah well you know. They’re in the NFL and yeah it’s the NFL…

Bevois: Mm yeah.

(They move to a sauna with a massage table and resume with the discourse.)

Bevois: So what’s next for Rebecca Leigh of Annapolis?

Rebecca: Well, um… there are a few different projects that I’m considering. Umm… I might expand my website and I love working for OTM.

Bevois: …Mhm.

(They conclude the interview eating a sandwich, while laying in bed.)

Bevois: Well, I think those are all the questions I had for you.

Rebecca: That’s it?

Bevois: Mhm.

Rebecca: Oh alright.

Bevois: Did I ask if you were electric?

Rebecca: Yep, yeah you asked me that.

Bevois: Do you want some sandwich?

Rebecca: Sure, thanks.

Bevois: Well, that will conclude our interview with the very delightful and mercurial Rebecca Leigh of Annapolis. Thank you so much.

Rebecca: Haha, thank you.

Bevois: May your star continue to sore.

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