Intro to Torryn Heffelfinger’s Journey in Rio

Hi guys, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself as I am going to be blogging weekly about my life and training here in Brazil. 


For starters I am 27 years old and got into BJJ and MMA after I finished wrestling in college. Currently I am blue belt and what started as a fun hobby quickly turned into a passion. After several years of hard work, I made the move (with my girlfriend) to Rio. We currently manage one of the hostels for Connection Rio, which gives me a great chance to roll with people from all over the world. While here in Rio, I have been fortunate to work with some big names in the BJJ/Luta Livre world (Felipe Costa, Gordo, Murillo Bustamonte, Alexander Pequeno, etc) as well as some stars in MMA (Erick Silva, Paulo Thiago, and Milton Viera to name a few). 


I also work to help spread the sport of wrestling while I am living in Brazil. I work with Antoine Jaoude, who heads Rio’s youth wrestling program, as well as have had the great opportunity to work with Brazil’s elite paratrooper forces, and also with the BOPE (Brazils top-notch special security force). 


I am fortunate to have had so many opportunities here in Rio, and I look forward to sharing my future adventures here.

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