Invitation to compete in the TSUNAMI Fighting Championships 2007

We hereby invite you officially to compete in the upcoming TSUNAMI Fighting Championships on June 30th and July 1st in Stuttgart (Germany), to fight for the World Titles in Submission Wrestling (Newcomer, Beginner and Advanced) and Mixed Martial Arts (Amateur C-Class, no headshots during groundfighting). Teams and Athletes from all continents have been invited to fight in one or more of the following disciplines:

Submission WrestlingWe have carefully created a serious set of rules, which allows athletes of all levels to compete in a safe and yet challenging event. Whilst Newcomers and Beginners have timelimits and points are scored throughout the match, the Advanced Division will be fought without any timelimits and points! The only way to win a match is by submission! These rules have been tested in the past years at the annual Open European Championships in Submission Wrestling “Ultimate Grappling Challenge” and we know for sure: real Grapplers love them!

Mixed Martial ArtsAn Amateur World Grand Prix will be held at the TSUNAMI Fighting Championships. Athletes fight under amateur rules without headshots during ground fighting. Also kicking and kneeing to the face is prohibited on the ground. The fights are set for two five-minute rounds. Gloves will be provided by the promoter. The finals in the -70 kg, -77 kg and -84 kg divisions will be held in the nightshow “Fists of Fury 4: Rebirth!”, a professional MMA show with fighters from Brazil, Germany and around Europe.

Knockdown KarateAt an additional special event we will host the 5th German Shidokan Open in Bare Knuckle Karate with full contact (KO-Kumite). Fighters from Asia and all over Europe have confirmed their participation so far. Shidokan Karate combines full contact Kumite with throws, chokes, locks and holds and guarantee a fast paced high action spectacel.

You can find all info about the TSUNAMI Fighting Championships at, where you can also download the complete rules and register online for the competition. If you need any help or assistance to come to Germany (Visa-support etc.) please feel free to contact our office at at any time.

We look forward to welcome you to Germany for this competition.

Best regards,

Shihan Peter Angerer5th Dan Shidokan (Japan)BJJ Bluebelt Gracie Barra Equipe Caveirinha

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