Is Buchecha Taunting Roger? True Life Videos

Have you seen the free videos from from 6X BJJ World Champion Marcus Buchecha’s, Road To Victory Video Series?

Its almost as if Buchecha is taunting Roger Gracie with these training videos all week. Check this out… 


This is a 3 Part Video Seriesthat gives you insider access into the life of Buchecha and reveals his top tournament tested moves ripped directly from his unreleased DVD Series.


In video #1, you will learn how Buchecha got into Jiu Jitsu, what motivated him (hint: it’s not what you think) and an exclusive look into his unstoppable half guard game. 


In video #2 Buchecha makes a meteoric rise to the top in the Brown Belt and Black Belt divisions only to crash in the 2011 World Championships. 


And!!! You get to see the Exact Footlock used to win multiple World Championships! Why would you show your best submission just 2 day before the event?  Crazy for Buchecha but good for us!! 


I’ll be drilling these moves forsure!!


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