Jayme Sandall travel for sharpening Belfort’s Karate

 The South American karate champion Jayme Sandall embarked on Monday to Las Vegas to help Vitor Belfort in the final stages of training against Anderson Silva for the UFC 126 (Feb. 5, at Las Vegas).


"Let’s make a technical and tactical work, develop a strategy to the fight against Anderson. The master Vinicio Antony developed a series of movements of karate to create a specific strategy for this fight. Karate, once again, will come to hone Vitor. He is already working with the fitness, striking and ground well sharp, now we add the timing and distance, both for attack and for defense", said Sandall.


Considered one of the best athletes of the Brazilian Shotokan Karate, Jayme Sandall was instrumental in Belfort’s training for his new debut in the UFC, against Rich Franklin.



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