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Jim Wilson is owner of Physique MagnifiqueTraining Center, in South San Francisco, CA. Jim Wilson is owner of Physique MagnifiqueTraining Center, in South San Francisco, CA. It’s located at 387 Grand Ave. So S.F. Ca., 94080. Some of the titles he has won as a bodybuilder include 1992 Middleweight Mr. U.S.A., 1992 Mr. Northern California,2001 Northwest Bodybuilding Championships (mw winner), 2001 Sacramento BodybuildingChampionships (mw winner), 2001 Ironman Bodybuilding Championships (mw winner), and holds Sankyu – Dan Zan Ryu Ju Jitsu from Cahills Judo Academy.

Physique Magnifique has a boxing ring, a good amount of mat space, heavy bags and speed bags- on top of all the iron. Over the years Frank Shamrock, EugeneJackson and Tim Lacik have spent time on the benches. And Physique Magnifique also hosted BJ Penn’s first seminar.

If you are serious about refining your body for sport jiu jitsu, submission grappling or vale tudo, he is the MAN to see. Easily it’s the most fight freindsly gym I’ve seen in the Bay. Walking through the the place, you’ll usually see UFC, Abu Dhabi or PRIDE fights on the big screen TV in the lobby. It’sany martial artists dream spot. So, I sat down with him to talk about fitness for all you serious fighters out there, and this is what he told me.

AB:How long have you been a fan of mixed martial arts?

JW: Ever since I saw my first UFC. I was impressed by the stand up fighting but the multi-dimensionality that I saw when it was coupled with ground fighting is what really caught my interest. Ground fighting seems to involve a great deal of athleticism. And much like bodybuilding, you have to stay in fairly decent condition all year long.

AB: What has been your experience in working with combat athletes?

JW: I find that most of the combat athletes that I work with aren’t as nutritionally fit as they should be. Lots of them depend on fad diets at the last minute hoping to make weight and only endup performing poorly. I had one guy call me to see how I could help his fighter lose 10 pounds in 2 days. Nutrition and supplementation regarding performance and recouperation should be a constant field of study for combat athletes.

AB: What do you feel is an ideal fitness training program for someone already involved or who has an interest in combat fighting?

JW: A complete fitness program can be broken down into 5 categories eg., muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory, and body composition (muscle/fat ratio). Each of these categories should be examined to see where, if any, improvements need to be made. From there, the athlete must craft the program to continually ensure progress. That means lots of checks and balances.

AB: Who are some of the combat athletes you most admire?

JW: First and foremost, without a doubt, RoyceGracie. That MAN put all this shit on the map. Frank Shamrock is also someone I have high regards for. This MAN is proficient both inside and outside the fence. Inside the cage, it’s all about business. Outside the cage, it’s all about business, a class act. Check out Frank’s physique. Sponsors will invest in someone in as superb condition. B.J.Penn is undoubtedly the wave of the future and will shock that ass next fight night. And the one and only mild mannered Kazushi Sakuraba.

If you are ever in the Bay Area, you should certainly pass by. Be sure to tel ’em On The Mat sent you!!

For more info on Jim Wilson and Physique Magnifique Training Center call 650-583-8648.

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