Jiu Jitsu Prodigy Nicky Ryan Takes HUGE Slam and Handily Submits Black Belt

Nicky Ryan’s really, really good at jiu jitsu… This just proves it a bit more.

Nicky Ryan is a savage. Eats the slam like cocoa puffs and gets the submission win.

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His coach is also quite proud of him…

Victory in LA – Part 2: Big wins via submission by both Nicky Ryan and Eddie Cummings at Fight2Win Pro in LA tonight! Both wins were via strangulation from the back after reversals from bottom position. Nicky Ryan, just sixteen years old and recent purple belt defeated twenty five year old 10th Planet black belt Ricky Lule and Mr Cummings defeated Jacob Sandoval, a talented blackbelt from Cobrinha. Fight2Win continues to impress with strong shows that mix grass roots support for local talent mixed with big name main events in exciting venues. Thanks also to Musclepharm who provided a great training center all week. Special thanks to Garry Tonon who thanklessly worked hard all week to help Gordon Ryan, Nicky Ryan and Eddie Cummings prepare for their respective matches in between his own MMA training. Now the squad heads to Texas tonight to support Gordon Ryan as he seeks to defend his EBI Open weight title in Austen. Thanks as always for your support and interest in our work and progress. Wishing you all the best from LA 😊😊

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