John Perretti joins Carson…and shoots to kill!

In an explosive new episode of Carson’s Corner, MMA’s “clown prince of chaos” John Perretti steps into Carson’s Pit and detonates several EXPLOSIVE charges, leaving the best crimefighter in combat sports (millionaire vigilante Bob Carson) to pick up the pieces and figure out what happened!

Perretti holds nothing back in this interview, and occasionally veers into profanity-laden outbursts while speaking his mind. Whether he’s discussing YAMMA pitfighting, Dana White and the UFC, Lorenzo Fertitta and the NSAC, the best fights in history, his NEW sport involving extreme violence AND a ball, fans complaining about his “gay” commentary, the people he hates to deal with most in MMA, Ralph Gracie, or anything else Perretti’s responses may amuse, horrify and even educate you all at the same time.

Join John Perretti and Col. Bob Carson for a terrifying downriver journey into the MMA world’s darkest regions. Who makes it out alive??

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