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Built To Fight sponsored fighter Jose Aldo is getting ready for the biggest fight of his life tomorrow night. He will step into the cage to defend his WEC feathweright world title against former WEC feathwerweight champion Urijah Faber in the first PPV televised WEC event in the biggest fight in featherweight history!

Fight fans and pundits worldwide have been raving about this fight. Faber established himself as the most dominant featherweight champion during his reign, where he defended the title five times over a two and half year span. Aldo has since taken the division by storm since making his WEC debut in 2008. He has put together highlight reel KO after highlight reel KO, which has made many label him as a miniature Anderson Silva. Aldo has won all six of his fights in the WEC with violent, show-stopping KO’s, which includes stopping former champion Mike Brown in November 2009 to win the WEC featherweight title. Brown happens to be the man that put an end to Faber’s reign and later bested him again in their rematch. Now Faber will look to regain his title, while Aldo looks to cement his place in MMA history by taking out both Brown and Faber, the two WEC featherweight champions that proceded him.

Aldo vs. Faber will be taking place on April 24th, 2010 at the ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California, the hometown of Faber, but Aldo eagerly embraces the challenge much like Anderson Silva did when he fought Rich Franklin in Franklin’s hometown of Cincicinnati, Ohio at UFC 77. Aldo, who is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and a member of Nova União, has made an instant impact with his brutal Muay Thai skills. He helped hone these skills in preparation for this superfight by training with his Built To Fight equipment, which is vital to his training. Built To Fight keeps the champion Aldo protected and has helped maximize his training for the biggest fight in featherweight history!

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