Junior Dos Santos talks about a change of manager

 Junior Dos Santos surprised fans by warning that he was leaving to work with the managers Jorge Guimarães and Ed Soares. The fighter talked about the change.

"It was no big deal. Everyone has their goal, they have helped me a lot in my career. It was they who put me in the UFC, they were very honest and kind to me, but we will evolve and I thought it would be a little bolder in some things that were not in agreement for both parties. I decided to seek new horizons", said the fighter to the portal R7.com, "I will not stay without manager, but for now, I have a lawyer in the U.S., which is already taking care of my stuff for a while. We contacted the UFC, and left them knowing about my change. For now, I’m with her, and when everything stay organized I will see how will stay this part of manager".

The Brazilian has also revealed some reasons for his decision.

"To tell you the truth, I do not know exactly what the function of a manager, and this was one of the things I questioned. Certainly close contracts, help my career and to plan training. But I do not know exactly what the function, was not clear to me [laughs]", he said, "The manager has to be by your side all the time, trying to meet your needs. Not that Jorge and Ed have not done this, but perhaps not in a satisfactory way to us. I do not think there was a failure, but perhaps a little lack of attention. One thing I want is to be the priority. I work hard and always had my career as focus. I want someone who has a greater dedication to my interests. Our work requires it".

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