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Karo has proven the effectiveness of the judo throw in fighting. Judo has made a comeback in martial arts! Actually it has never gone anywhere but just never had its chance to shine in the mainstream MMA events until UFC 44 when Karo Parysian fought Dave Strasser. Joe Rogan announced “watch for Karos judo throws” and that’s all we’ve been doing since. Karo has proven the effectiveness of the judo throw in fighting. If you have seen any of his instructionals, you will discover however, that Karo has a unique series and structure to set up his judo. Very much like Eddie Bravo to the twister, Karo didn’t invent Judo, he has just revolutionized it for MMA!

Recently, I attended a seminar in Toronto Ontario hosted by SouthSide Muay Thai and Submission Academy. Karo spoke about the differences in traditional judo and his judo and demonstrated many different aspects of the throw and setups to it. He emphasized the proper grip for judo without a gi, as well as why throwing someone can be more effective than other takedowns. Karo has always claimed that after a person is thrown, it shocks the opponent and the spirit of the fighter is usually broken, thus making them more succeptable to a submission. The seminar also had Karo demonstrating counters to traditional MMA takedowns such as the double leg takedown to an uchimata throw. This is a counter Karo has been able to use many many times and requires a lot of timing to master. Using the opponents driving momentum forward and offbalancing them with proper footwork can result in….a JUDO THROW!

These were some of the highlights of Karos seminar. Karo was free to answer almost any question from how did you throw Diego, to what do you think of Nate Diaz…

The seminar was definitely worth the price for any grappler or mma fighter as Karo opened the minds of all in attendance.

Big thanx to Southside Muay Thai & Submission for hosting the seminar!(www.southsidemuaythai.ca)

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