Kimura Wear Product Review

 Company Name:   KIMURA WEAR

Model:  2nd Skin Compression Pants / Tights

Weight:  Approx 2.0 pounds

Color:  Black w/ Sublimation White lettering / Logo print

Price:  $69.99 plus shipping


Size Chart:  Small – XX Large

Skrinkage:  None

Product satisfaction Rating: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (Product Score 10)

Product Benefits:

·         Our Compression Line is constructed with ultra light thermo breathable 4 way stretch Cool Max Dry Fit material imported from Europe, pushing away the sweat and keeping your muscles warm. Increases anaerobic thresholds

·         Only Sublimation Printing used with high pressure water based print, so all printed work is part of the material causing the print to remain consistent and will NEVER remove, peel or crack.

·         Three needle flat inseam stitching and reinforced seams throughout the entire Construction. Better mental focus

·         This is the two strip panel model, adding motion and comfort.

Cool Extras:

 Odor Bacteria Controlling System, Our Antimicrobial System will Eliminate the Growth of Microbes / Bacteria / Fungus for Ultimate Odor Control & Help Prevent Skin Against infections

Heat Active Controlling System, Ideal for intense training, as it will maximize the transportation of moisture, keeping your body light, dry and cool as your body temperature begins to rise with activity.

Introduction:  Kimurawear® was founded in Toronto, Canada in early 2007, influenced by the drive, devotion and passion of our modern day athletes, who take all sports to the next level.   Kimurawear® prides itself in providing high-quality apparel & training gear. Our technology team works countless hours with professional athletes, refining our apparel & training gear to set new standards on the market. Our design team works hand in hand with some of the world’s top illustrator artists. Together they understand the desire of our fashion conscious customers that are influenced by the lifestyle and spirit of the Kimurawear® brand. Providing more than just a sense of fashion to our customers, they are providing an individual message, for Strength, Character & Passion to being part of something bigger than just a brand.

Bio: I am 26 years of age, during my life I have participated in several sports that require a great deal of stamina & endurance. Some of those sports include wrestling, lacrosse, football, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Upon starting Brazilian jiu jitsu, I started training for competition.  My average training week consists of 2-3 jiu jitsu classes per day 5x a week, 2 strength & conditioning sessions a week, and my own work outs, which consist of running &/or lifting 2x a week. Before using the training mask, I felt that I was in pretty good shape with descent cardio.

Review: 3 weeks ago I received a package from Kimura Wear; they sent me a gym bag & a pair of 2nd Skin Compression Pants to review. During the following weeks, I wore the compression pants during multiple daily trainings.  These trainings include everything from No-Gi /Gi Jiu Jitsu to Running. During jiu jitsu training, the compression pants worked well with & without my kimono. When training No-Gi, mat burn was no longer an issue, the heavy duty yet comfortable material protected my knees from mat burn. While training in a kimono, the compression pants still allowed me to still move freely & feel comfortable.

My runs normally are in the early morning; even though I live in San Diego it is still pretty chilly in the morning. Normally, I would wear sweat pants to run but I feel that sweat pants add drag & can be heavy depending on the sweats. Running with Kimura Wears 2nd Skin Pants was great, not only did they keep me warm during my morning runs , but they also helped wick away the sweat from my body to allow my legs to stay warm to help prevent injury. I felt that the elasticity of the material added a little spring to my runs; with the elasticity returning my feet faster to the ground allowing me to run seconds faster.

Summary: Over the past 3 weeks, I have been wearing & training in Kimura Wear 2nd Skin Pants. The Heat Active Controlling System helped keep me cool under pressure. The Odor Bacteria Controlling System prevented my pants from smelling after not washing them for days to test it. I highly recommend Kimura Wear Compression Pants to anyone who wants a great pair of compression pants that can handle intense activities.

Special Thanks: I want to thank everyone at KimuraWear for the opportunity to conduct a review. I also want to thank Jeff for setting up the review & hope to work with in the future.

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