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There is no question I am a King of the Cage fan. I think they have the most exciting fights in the country, the best fans on the planet, the hottest ring girls, and the hottest ring girls.(I know I said that twice and I don`t care.There is no question I am a King of the Cage fan. I think they have the most exciting fights in the country, the best fans on the planet, the hottest ring girls, and the hottest ring girls.(I know I said that twice and I don`t care) But what most people don`t know about the King of the Cage is all that goes on behind the scenes. I am not talking about the preparation that Terry, Bud, and crew put into it, I am talking about the extra curricular activity`s that you fans don`t know about… until now!!!

Disclaimer: If I am not politically correct in this article go whine to someone else. This is and I can say whatever I want! If you are easily offended don`t read on!

Going to the King of the Cage this time was a real pain for me. The ticket prices from Nashville to Reno were $680. On Monday I was worried that I was going to have to pay the high price. My manager fee for Mike Roger`s sure the hell wasn`t going to pay for that. But Tuesday afternoon the person that always comes through for me came through! My mom got me a ticket flying stand-by. It was only $200 and I was very excited. The only problem was that it was not just a trip to Reno, it was an adventure! I flew from Nashville to Dallas, Dallas to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Reno. A three and a half hour direct flight turned into seven hours, stops not included. The things I do to see my favorite show!!!

I finally got to Reno and met up with Mike Rogers. As I was walking with Mike I saw the King of the Cage ring girls Lupita and Valerie. Lupita greeted me with her always bright smile and firm hand shake. She is not your average hot chick. She is marriage material. I am talking about no divorce, to have and to hold, and whatever other stuff they say marriage material! The problem is that Lupita, like every other King of the Cage ring girl, has a boyfriend. The other problem with Lupita is that she likes a guy who can dance. I can`t dance, but I have rythm where it counts dammit! As Lupita and I were talking I realized that I was losing control of the situation. Lupita had Mike Rogers so intrigued Mike was losing focus on the fight for the next night. I had to take him away before he was too far gone!

So we are off to the weigh-ins. Mike is sucking some major weight and was dying to get on the scale. We stopped and talked to a few other people, I filled out the corner man paper work improperly, thanks Bud, and went and ate at the Buffet. One hour and 15 pounds later Mike and I walked out of the Buffet stuffed. We went to the ring girl contest where Mike`s friend`s girlfriend won. Everyone was happy but me. I am thinking “another KOTC ring girl that is not single. Son of a bitch.”

On the way back to the room I met up with my favorite commentator and fellow Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast Eddie Bravo. We discussed his unusual guard style and he decided to show me why people call him the twister. This guy is simply amazing. After about 30 minutes of trading techniques he left me with the sweetest triangle set-up ever. Thanks Eddie!

At about 9:00pm everyone was leaving to go out and I decided to hang out with Mike. We went to bed about 10:00pm and that morning I had the scariest thing happen to me. At about 2:00am I woke up and there was man laying in my bed! Ahhhhh I screamed out. I then realized that it was Mike`s brother Matt. I had forgotten that he was staying with us that night.

The next day we just sat around gearing up for the fight. My man Gumby from this great website met up with me at about 1:00pm. Besides all the food we ate the day was un- eventful.

The night was a different story. I knew as soon as I walked into the arena it was going to be a great night. 4,200 screaming fans were there and it was standing room only. For those of you that talk down on King of the Cage, I`ve got something you can talk down to. It is the most intense and exciting show on the planet. 25% of the people there were hot women and that just makes the fighters want to fight harder. What, do you think the fighters fight for the big pay checks? Hell no, they fight for the women. The challenge, training, and thrill of victory are other reasons, but when there are hot women in the audience they tend to fight a little harder. I hate going to these back woods shows down south with the fat women that looks like they got hit with a roll of nickels on their legs. I want plastic! West coast, California chicks, washboard abs, super white teeth, fake boobs, just like the King of the Cage brings in.

Not losing sight of why I was there I quickly gathered myself and went to the warm-up area. After about an hour waiting and warming up it was time for Mike to fight. As we stood backstage getting ready to get on the run way I noticed that for the first time Mike was nervous. He is normally cool as ice so I got nervous. Being the good corner man that I am I gave him some advice. “Go kick his ass Mike”.

He was fighting an opponent named Joey Guel. Guel is a kickboxer from Dennis Hallmans gym. Mike is a collegiate all American wrestler, a very technical purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and a golden gloves boxing champion. Mike wanted to work on a few things this fight and he did just that.

The fight started with Mike clinching and then trying to punch off the clinch. Mike has not been able to practice this that much as most of his other fights end up on the ground. Mike started banging with the guy and was catching some leg kicks. He was trying to time the right hand with the kick and caught Guel with one over hand right. Joey was very crafty and was changing angles very well. As Mike was standing on the outside Mike caught a stiff jab from Guel. Mike immediately took Guel down, passed to side control, got mount and submitted Guel with an arm triangle.

Mike was victorious in his first KOTC debut. I was excited and proud. As Mike was walking out of the cage I noticed Mike`s eye was bleeding. That jab Guel landed caused Mike 8 stiches. It also was the best thing that could have happened to Mike. He strategically used it to his advantage later on at the club.

After the awesome Bobbish fight I went back to the hotel with Gumby. We met Guel`s cornerman and Gumby`s good friend Dax a.k.a. Goose a.k.a. Blue haired freak, at the buffet. He was one of the coolest guys and we both talked positive about our fighters. From the emergency room to the buffet comes Mike. His eye was swollen like a grapefruit. Mike was in the shower and tried to blow his nose. Big mistake. The blood had dried and when he blew everything got clogged in his eye. It was pretty funny.

From the buffet we went to Rum Bullions, a bar in the hotel. There we began our drinking escapades. I started with a Coors light in one hand and a Red Bull and Vodka in the other. Before I could put a dent in either one we were leaving for another bar. There we met Bud Brutsman and crew. Bud called Mike over and quietly told him something. Mike had inadvertently given Bud his fight purse check. I laughed at Mike and was glad Bud had it.(They blame lost checks on me!)

From there we are off to the club Bubungo. The bouncer made me go back and put a collared shirt on. Gumby went with me and we picked up a couple more drinks on the way. We were stopped by 4 girls that wanted us to escort them to the club. We were making a quick stop into another bar. I was already a little buzzed and with Gumby`s approval I passed on the offer. I was thinking “it is early in the night and there are three sevens and one six. I will be able to do better at the club.” On the way back to the club we passed Javier Vasquez, Romi Aram, Mark Davidson, and some more of their crew. They said “don`t go in there. It is pretty weak.” If they would have just told us that before we passed on the three sevens, five minutes before.

I had to go to the club since Mike and the rest of my crew were there. When I got in there it was not too bad. There were some hot chicks and Gumby and I were searching for the girls we passed on earlier. They were nowhere to be found. Plan B was to look for some more girls. After scoping out the place I went to talk to the hottest single chick I could find. In the middle of my conversation I was cock blocked by my buddy Brian Guidry. Brian starts the conversation by “why are you talking to this guy. I kicked his ass two years ago” The girl stopped talking to me and turned to Brian. Not to my surprise 5 minutes later Brian was out 5 bucks for a drink and out the girl. Fighters with no game only get the dumb girls. This girl new what was right for her came back and gave me the drink Brian bought her!!!! The funniest thing was that my buddy Hal`s dad was there dancing with all the women. He was the man of the night!

After some small talk I had to leave the club at 12:15. I told the girl that I would be back in an hour, but I knew she would be gone. I wanted to go find Terry to congratulate him on everything. I went to the craps table`s and their Terry was. His awesome wife Julie talked to me for a few minutes and then Terry came over. He was very excited about the show but we quickly got on the subject of his ring girls. You see there is one ring girl from the KOTC that is single. She is about five feet nine inches tall, long legs, fake boobs, just what I like. I had to express my anger and disappointment in Michelle not coming up. Terry assured me she would be at the next show.

We talked some more about how awesome the show was and who he wanted Mike to fight next. As we were getting deeper in the conversation, I noticed a glimmer of light coming towards me. It was KOTC ring girl Valerie. This time she was with her boyfriend so I made sure to be on my best behavior. Valerie is an Asian beauty that has this young innocent look to her. Don`t get me wrong, she is all women, but I don`t think she is older than twenty. She has an older guy, the kind hot twenty year old women like. The guy seems cool but knows he has a prize standing next to him. He knows that if he drops her there will be 50 guys there to pick her up… smart guy!

Anyways after some small talk with them Terry and I get on the conversation of the fights. Terry and I can talk all night about the fights, but Terry had a very important meeting at 1:30 that he could not be late to. After about an hour conversation with Terry

it was time for his meeting and time for Gumby and I to get back in the club. I went back and immediately started looking for my chick. By this point I was hammered and decided for the sake of this article to get even more wasted. By 1:45am I could not remember exactly what that chick looked like. I was seeing double and everything at that point looked the same. My friends Brian, Derek, Hal, and Al were just leaving the club to go to the titty bar. Gumby and I wanted to stay back and see what we could do.

3:00am rolled around and we had nothing. My skills were extremely low due to my intoxication level. As we left the club and were walking back through the hotel I saw Sean Gray and Mike Rogers. Mike had just been attacked by two girls. All through the night the girls were all over him due to his black swollen eye. He got sympathy and Mike, being a smart guy, played his cards right. One had a retro bush and the other was just o.k. But when you are in Reno you will take whatever you can get, right Mike?

By 4:00am I am crawling back to the room disappointed that I was leaving empty handed. Low and behold I hear a jack pot bell going off. I look over and this girl had won. She had no one to celebrate with so I ran over and gave her hug. She quickly took to Mike and his black eye. She mentioned that she liked fighters and definitely liked Mike. Gumby pulled me to the side and said “man she has stretch marks all the way around, I am getting out of here.” Well he left two drunk guys with one ugly ho. We were to drunk to realize it at the time and thought that we had a good thing going on. Luckily we had a combined four dollars in our wallet and when she found that out all that bought us was a hug good-by.

The night was over. Mike had won his fight, we had all survived the night, and no one got arrested. All the elements that I look for in a trip to the KOTC! I can`t wait for the next KOTC event in June. We will definitely be representing… On the Mat style!!!

Train hard, Fight hard, Party hard!!!!

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