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The first Professional Submission League event, the LA Sub X took place last night and definitely lived up to its billing to take submission grappling to the next level. LA Sub X Quick Report The first Professional Submission League event, the LA Sub X took place last night and definitely lived up to its billing to take submission grappling to the next level. The audience entered the arena to a view a huge raised platform where the action was to take place, and a large projection screen (20 foot at least) broadcast the action throughout the stadium, as well as providing entrance videos and backgrounds on each of the competitors. Of course, the highlight of the event was the world class level of grappler the event attracted. The PSL rules had two four minute rounds, followed by a thirty second overtime period if necessary. Rules further differed from standard submission rules, in that only takedowns, mount and back were worth points (1), where as submission attempts (catches) were worth three points. A submission must be vigorously defended to be considered a catch (which came into play during the night definitely). The evening began with Jeff Glover taking Robson Moura. Glover quickly pulled guard, but Robson controlled nicely from top. Robson exploded into a series of footlocks that Glover had to defend, but didn’t look in too much danger from. Glover later responded with a knee bar of his own that pratically made me physically ill to watch as Robson’s knee hyperextended. Robson didn’t tap, and won 6-3 Rafael Lovato Jr and Lyoto Machida went into double overtime, with Machida winning on a takedown in sudden death to make the score 1-0. Lovato spend the majority of the match on his back look to do make something happen, but Machida effectively neutralized him. Vinicius Pezao Maghalaes defeats Robert Drysdale by a score of 1-0. First round had very little action. Second round Maghalaes scores a takedown for the lone points of the match. Drysdale seemed to have in a good footlock but since Maghales didn’t seem to react no points were scored. Megumi Fuji over Michelle Mills by figure four toe hold. Quick match as Fuji scores the takedown and submission early in the match. After the first intermission Vladamir Matuyshenko fought to a draw with Xande Ribeiro. Tough match as both men pressed the action, but Vladamir really suprised many by his performance against one of the top submission grapplers around, threatening many positions against Xande. In the end of the overtime Xande was desperately attempting a takedown to finish the match, but Vladamir would sprawl and dare Xande to stand again. Leozinho vs Naoya Uematsu was the fight of the night, as the fighters were often a blur of action. In the second round Leozinho managed to take Naoyas back from standing and finish with a rear naked choke. Saulo Ribeiro defeats Jake Shields by a score of 2-1. Saulo sets the pace by almost immediately hitting a sweet drop seo-nage that clearly threw the wrestler in Shields off of his game. Saulo later scored another point by jumping to guard and when Jaes knees hit the mat Saulo was awarded a point. Saulo looks for the submission from the bottom, trying an oma plata that Sheilds shook off and we went to round 2. Jake became a bit more desperate to make something happening, even trying to jump to guard himself, however as the match progressed Jake seemed to get stronger and stronger, scoring a point of his own and threatening to come back as time expired. After third intermission, in what may be considered a huge upset Kuniyoshi Hironaka defeats Jean Jacques Machado by virtue of two takedowns and taking Machado’s back. In their fifth match Pe de Pano and Jeff Monson fought to a draw. The main event of the evening was Marcelo Garcia vs Cameron Earle, and the match definitely lived up to the hype. Cameron Earle quickly scored the first takedown of the night, but Garcia got back to the feet quickly. Garcia responds with a takedown of his own, and quickly gets to side control. Cameron gets a guard, Marcelo tries a leglock that doesn’t really threaten. Cameron looks to sweep and puts Garcia on his back, looks for a leg attack of his own and transitions to a kneebar as the first round expires. The second round sees a war of takedown attempts but after a few attacks by both men Garcia gets the takedown and nearly takes Cameron’s back. Cameron somehow escapes and MArelo winds up in side control on Cameron. Marcelo moves to north south position an gets a fron choke on Cameron, Cameron taps with 9 seconds remaining in regulation. What makes this event that much more extraordinary is that promoter Rico Chiparelli basically took went from conception to execution in less than six weeks. Fans and fighters alike are already clamoring for the next PSL event. Internet PPV of all the matches will be coming shortly right here on

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