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On The Mat (OTM) and Built To Fight (BTF) have joined efforts to become a leading force in the custom and wholesale Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) world, but they are also one of the leading forces in regular gear for MMA and BJJ practitioners. For nearly twenty years they have been providing top notch gear to any and all competitors, and as one of the biggest BJJ tournaments of the year comes up this weekend at the World Championships ran by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). With the competition taking place in Orange County here are a few thing you may need to be ready for the competition you can pick up at your local OTM Fightshop.

Mouth Guard

This is more of a preference, but you always have the ability to wear a mouth guard. Some people opt out of wearing them in training, but truth be told you are most likely not trying to take off each other head on the mats of the gym. A mouth guard during a competition could be the difference between tapping and winning.

Fight Shorts

Even if you have a pair of short you like, it is always recommended that you have a back up pair just in case. You do not want to be disqualified if your shorts tear during a match and you are left without a back up pair. That can get you booted from a match, and in the hundreds of ways you can lose that is not the one you want to walk out with. Plus, could you imagine if you were ahead on the scorecards and that happened?

Ranked Rash Guard

A lot of people do not know this depending on what competition they go to, but you have to wear a ranked rsh guard at all IBJJF matches. Even though you are competing in a No-Gi match, you still have to signify what level you are at in your Gi training, because this is to try and cut down on sandbaggers who like to lie about their level. Other at the competition will know what level they are and if they are lying if they know them outside of the mats.

Proper Fitting Gi

An extra Gi is important for the same reasons as the fight shorts, but a proper fitting Gi is very important. If you are cutting it close on the scales, have lost a lot of weight recently, or will not pass inspection you may need to change out your Gi. All of these are ways that give your opponents an advantage or could disqualify you, so don’t let it happen.

All of these issues could be countered with custom or wholesale fight gear made by OTM and BTF, but since it is a week out from competition that may be a little too late. If something happens to you this time make sure it does not the next time out with custom gear by OTM and BTF.


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