Lasty Lucky Gis on Ebay! I was saving this gi for myself but since people are driving me nuts asking for more, which there not going to be any, I have decieded to sell my personal gis. FREE SHIPPING! SEE BELOW! These new Gis are the best-made kimono on the market. Every aspect of the gi has been redesigned: 1) The weave is a new weave that is 620 grams which puts the weight right in-between a typical single weave and a double weave. The weave is both a tighter weave and also the inside is much smother and softer than the usual gold or single weave. 2) The pattern of the gi has been reworked to fit snugger while still in the regulations of the CBJJ. 3) The pants are triple gusseted and low cut. Gone is the baggy crotch of typical gi pants that limits movement and gone is the extra baggy waist. 4) The pants also have built in kneepads. 5) All embroidered cool stylish logos. These Lucky Gis are for people who are tired of gis with sub par quality and stupid ugly logos with men laying on men. Tattoo style Lucky Gi logos are on the back, both arms, and pants. Inside jacket is printed with LG logo pattern print. There are also other cool hidden hits all over the gis. There are a limited number of these gis only 250 of each color. Paymet is Paypal only. Shipping is UPS only. SHIPPING IS FREE!

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