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Interview with top European female: Laurence “Fee-Fee! CousinOTM: How did you start Jiu Jitsu and why?

Lolo: I discovered jiujitsu in my Aikido academy. A blue belt guy taught me jiujitsu every sunday . I liked that and after some month, I wanted to make a tournament in the south of France.

OTM: How long have you been training?

Lolo: I began jiujitsu in december 1999. And I began to fight in some tournaments in june 2000. I never lost in Europe.

OTM: Do you prefer to play top or bottom?

Lolo: I like both. But when I train, I play bottom.

OTM: What tournaments have you won?

Lolo: A lot of tournaments in Europe and some tournaments in Brazil.I own 16 titles in Europe.I won the 3rd Etapa circuito Paulista in Sao Paulista in november 2004, category -64kg in brown belt. There was not my category (-56kg) so they put me in the category up and I won.I won the Sirio Open in Sao Paulo in november 2002. The promoter was Barbosa and he was surprised that a french girl won. It was an open class.My best result in the mundial was my third place in 2003 in purple, brown and black belt, category pena.I took too the third place in the copa do Mundo 2003.In USA, I just did a second place in the Arnolds World gracie submission championship 2004.But I came just 2 times in USA.

OTM: Tell us about your fight with Kira Gracie.

Lolo: One minute more and she lost!! Sure! My physical condition was better than her. She decided to work right down and I wanted to work stand up. Probably she felt that. So, she went down immediately. I prefer to work bottom and I was on top. She closed her guard and tried to make some armlocks. I defended well but she had some advantages for that.She tried an omoplata and I defended well and finally I was on top but she held my arm by my gi and my hand blocked inside. The referee didn`t see that and he didn`t ask her to take a good grip, so I couldn`t take off my hand.I was ready to take her back but she turned in the same time and the referee gave her 2 points for that (I don`t know why! It`s not a sweep!!). She was finally in my guard and the time stopped. She was tired but not me! I felt her breath and it was fast but not mine. I wanted to continue the fight. I hope to meet her again but this time in the final of the mundial. I want to take my revange!

OTM: Do prefer gi or no gi?

Lolo: I`m really better in gi!! But I like to do some tournaments in no gi.

OTM: Tell us about french boys? What do you like best French, Brazilian or American boys?

Lolo: In jiujitsu or in the life? Every guy from France, USA and Brazil are diferents but I prefer American or french guys but not the brazilian guys!

OTM: Where will you fight next?Lolo: I have some small tournaments in Europe for the next month (France, Belgium…). the next week end, I will fight in a tournament in the suburb of Paris.

OTM: When will you fight in the usa next? How about Brazil?

Lolo: I knew that Abu dhabi opened two categories for girls this year and I hope they will select me, if not probably I will fight in the next Grapplers quest in Las Vegas. I have to give my revange there!About Brazil, I was in Sao Paulo in the last november where I won the 3rd Etapa circuito Paulista in brown belt but my next trip there will be in july for the Copa do Mundo and for the mundial. I`ll be ready to fight against the best girls!For me, it`s better to fight in USA or in Brazil because the level is better than in France. I still search some sponsors to help me for my trip because it`s expensive. So, if one person would like to help me for that. Contact me to this email adress:

OTM: Why do you have so many nicknames? Lolo FeeFee? How did you get them?

Lolo: I don`t know why I have a lot of nicknames. I still had a lot of nicknames since my school years.In France, my friends call me Lolotte, In USA, they call me Lolo or Feefee, some brazilian guys call me Feefee (Leo Santos call me like that!) or Lolo but I don`t know why? Everybody choose how they want to call me!

OTM: Who are your sponsors?

Lolo: My town(Montigny les Cormeilles, in the suburb of Paris) is my sponsor. The FJJBDA (the french federation of brazilian jiujitsu) is my sponsor too.But they can`t pay every trip and that`s my problem Onthemat sponsored me when I came in USA and that helped me alot! I have in this time a contact with the french society of Hunter because they would like to wear me but it`s not sure. It`s a project. Thanks OTM and Scott Nelson.

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