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ive been lazy on the blog as iv been really busy and tired but this is a cover of the last 3 days, monday we all hit training hard hill sprint in the morning, followed by our park curcuit training dennis’s class and gordos in the evening. Tuesday we were saw in the morning but dennis pumped us up and made us train, we all had a good session this week we are mainly doing guard attacks, I have a nice solid guard game and some of these moves i thort wouldnt fit into my game, so i spoke to dennis and he explained that repatition in a move will put it in your game, like if i dont like a move i wont use it in rolling so i will diguard it but if i forced my self to use it in training i may pull it off a few times and then grow to like it. another bit of solid advice. Wednesday  off to the doctors with Nev (john lamb) 7:30am wake up and after our peanut butter (thanks justin stanly) on toast  were off to Botofogo. I just about remember the way and pick up the results, its a DVD, some pictures and a paper anylisis………………….in portugesse. Nev stayed to meet up with dennis as he was helping him get his computer fixed and i went back to translate the page on Google translate it was as follows………….

subchondral cysts in the intercondylar area of tibia. articular cartilage of normal thickness the quadriceps and patellar tendons with normal thickness and signal signal changes of the anterior cruciate ligament stretch posterior cruciate ligaments and collateral without alteration medial patellar, retinaculum and lateral aspect of anatomicsmall joint effusion, rupture of the medial meniscus horn posterio, lateral meniscus morphology and normal signals so i have no clue wat this means after a post on my facebook i find out its A subchondral cyst is a fluid-filled sac that extrudes from the joint, consisting of thickened joint material (mostly hyaluronic acid, a substance found in normal joint fluid that serves to lubricate the joint) and  rupture of the horn of the medial meniscus, so i guess its just a case of training smart untill i have cash to get it sorted, on the plus side i dont think its ant thing that will stop me reaching my goal of getting my black belt, I make it back in yime to teach my 3 women a muay thai private (one being the mayor of rios wife and the other her body guard) and for dennis’s class. Later on we go to the 399 to watch the fights but foot ball is on so its bk to the laptops to see the results and an early night.


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