Living at connection rio st patricks day (march 17th)

hey guys and girls, this is a little about what im going to be doing on my blog, so bare with me while i get to grips with this. Im trying to give people a inside look into the day to day going-ons of connection rio, ill be talking about training, house pranks, new guests, gossip fom the house, parties and sharing video links up here aswell, so here we go ……………….

st patrick’s day a lil sketchy to begin with, everyone unsure weather to drink train or eat but with dennis’s egerness to get us all on the mats it was off to the academy we go, training starts with the usuall drills passing the guard, leg pummleing and a few routine drills, next we get shown some slick combo drills switching seemlesly through techniques and then some possition drills and finnaly some live rolling today we had a visit from a brown belt witch was fun as i am currently trying to get  my brown belt and find rolling them very competitive.

Everyone gets back to the house and puts on there green clothes and were of to oswaldos (rommel’s bar) to try his new food menu and some skol, the group is about 11 deep and as the table fills with empty cans we get down to 6 slightly tipsy gringos, we take the bus into ipanema and im sure it was on 2 wheels at one point (you’ll understand if you’ve been here) of the bus and we walk down to shinanigans irish pub to get our guiness and jig on but the cue was long and we was thirsty so we decided to leave, aprotched by some irish girls we all found a small irish bar to celebrate in.

Waxeys was the name of the bar and we owned it we  had everyone dancing in form and doing the dennis shuffle (one handed guard pass) it was a great night by the end of the night me (MAD jack), nev, bulk, jugganaught, mugato, odd job were all getting applauses from every one on the way back we stopped off at a lil food place near the connection rio HQ  and then hit the hay


this is my 1st time blogging i hope you enjoy, my spelling and grammer aint great but i hope i get my point across


thanks, mad jack the hat

”if it aint mad it aint jack”

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