living at connection rio sunday 21st march 2010

Sunday day of rest…………..not for me a friend of mine Emily, has come to stay and she arrived at 6:45 OWTCH!!!!!!. I get a phone call from a taxi driver telling me shes at the gate, on the walk up i see the bucket and ladder from the classic  prank i put up the night before, (bucket over the door tied to the door handle) looks like it worked but i wont know till i speak to the sweeds (swedish guys). back to Emily this is the 1st time a girl has stayed at the house while i’v been here and im a little nervous as i want her to feel comfortable, we drop her bag in the room (she choose the big private room insted of the common room for some reason ???)  and i get a couple of hours more sleep, I hear every one awake being gentlemen-like to her and making her feel at home, we all decide to go to the IPANEMA HIPPIE MARKET, we walk around showing her the souviners and telling her what there meanings are, then we get here a acai shake and head back to barra da tijuca. we return to find bing just getting back from surfing all day and also the great news that the prank worked. being sunday im off to church and nev and joe (bulk) decide to come along for the sunday mass, on the way we talk about how its good to get some quite time at church and think about the weeks goals, either going to worship or just think we are all agreed its a nice place to collect our thoughts. Its an early night for us guys and everyone retires to there beds on there computers to fall asleep and face book 

good night all train hard this week and enjoy it mad jack the hat 

if it aint mad it aint jack

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