Living at Connection Rio – Updated until Sunday, 18th of April (Competition Prep)

ok first of all let me thank dennis for pushing me hard this week you will prep me for this torniment but you will not break me. secondly id like to thank all at connection rio including training partners and house mates as i havent been my usual self due to tiredness hard training sessions and my little brother had a muay thai fight today witch makes me nervous more than my fights especially when i cant be there. so as you may tell its been a hard week training and its not over yet the torniment is next week and i have 3 hard days left befor we tighten up on techniques and get me sharp. i havent trained gi in a long time befor comming here as i was in various countrys training wrestling muaythai boxing and mma, so its been a struggle getting back in the game, the reason i stopped gi work was i didnt think i needed tto put on a gi to get better at grappling, but infact i was wrong and dennis’s way of teaching is not your typical lazy BJJ style you are being trained as athletes learning the art. well obviously we didnt go out this weekend so i dont have any fun stories to tell you but we did have a nice sunday raising money and food for rio das pedras landslide victims at bar do oswaldo were you bring a bag of food and get a plate of food was a nice atmospher

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