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So to round up the last couple of days here its been full of hard parties and training to match, the arrival of henric and mike (kung fu panda) and lots of rain, as yo probably herd on the news rio has been hit with some crazy rain witch has wiped out a few shacks and killed some people but the rainings stopped now (i can tell coz the sweeds are sunbathing again). dennis announced a tornament in BJJ comming up so we are all training really hard for that and last weekend was our last drinking session. so let me tell you about them 1st. last friday every one is in the house desscussing if we should go out or not, we decide yes and make our way to the bus stope due to people leaving to go to the toilet and get some more beers we missed 3 busses and had to walk to the bridge a mile away, by now everyone was quite drunk and mike decided to smash a u.v light over hjohns legs and for the rest of the night john was complaining about imaginary glass in hes leg, quite funny. We get to emporium our regular friday hot spot and after the walk every1 has sobered up a little so its vodkas all round, a few drinks more and nev is being attacked by big women who want to take him home and everyones dancing in side and out i took this moment to take a nap outside and cant remember much else but the above picture shows the mess i was it. On my way b=home from copacabana a stopped of to watch UFC to see our friend rapheal dos anjos win in awesome style, i return back at the house about 5, after seeing babra gracie the houses language teacher remind me about the house party at hers, the guys are all leaving for some all you can eat steak house and as nice as it sounded i decided a shower n sleep was the best thing. After a shower i feel brand new and decide to take K.F.P kung fu panda along to the house party, we turn up to see 7 people sitting in a room with music playing not what i expected but later on as the drinks start flowing, music cranks up and more people show up including nev the party gets wild everyone dancing kissing and drinking games. That made sunday a true day of rest every one in bed all day then tacos and a early night. Now for the training………………………….. 2-3 sessions a day me and mike are getting drilled, just an idea the last session was 50 guard passes into 21  min rounds new person every 7 mins for 2 rounds just escaping there guard then back in it when we do, were running weight training and the odd yoga session.

also im now teaching muay thai on tuesday and thursday at 7 pm till 8 pm


keep on training mad jack the hat

if it aint mad it aint jack

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