living in connection rio 26th, 27th and 28th the weekend

the weekend is here and after a hard week training were about ready to party hard a quick gathering of troops and were of out 6 deep, odd job, emily, mugatu,joe bulk neviniho and me. a few drinking games at the house (check out the link) and were off to lagoa were nev is meeting a date (and we want him to ”rock up pissed”) 1st bar has a great vibe live music, drinks are flowing so i suggest a game of heads or tails………………….now i know the dangers of this game so i had a good way to cheat and stitched nev and joe up by making them drink half a cup of whisky each. off to the next bar on the lake called ”arab” were we ended up with a big bottle of vodka on the table. then we went to emporium in ipanema to get wasted we danced for a while, i went off to watch the sun rise on the beach and come back to find the lads out side drunk talking to some locals. and then i woke up in bed with a killer hang over i didnt remember the ride home. The next day were all in bed feeling sorry for our self i done some washing and now mike AKA tank wants to go out to watch the UFC as some guys from his gym were fighting, so a few drinks and a quick walk to the ”399” a bar that shows UFC, there was not so many people there at 1st so we pulled a few tables together and filled up the majority of the  bar then it started filling up with beautifull women and guys. A few guys from the gym were there and we all sat together watching and shouting. after the fights we were all tired and went back early to bed so we could wake up early for the abi daubi pro comp.Sunday morning and were off to see the finals at the A.D.P.C and with a fair few guys from out gym the comp is exciting but very hot so we take a break to walk around the lake near there and make it back for the final fights. on the way back we stop off at the coffee shop to write up our gym targets and goals then off to bed, some of you who are my friends on face book may have seen that i got a gun pulled on me, an explination to this is it was a routine police check for people with drugs on them and because of the high gun crime over here they like to have guns on you at all times, so with all this excitement its off to bed to rest befor mondays training.

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