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Long Beach Ca – In an exhilarating night of fights the promotion company Topping Inc known for promoting Auto show events throughout Southern California made their way into the MMA world this past Sunday.Long Beach Ca – In an exhilarating night of fights the promotion company Topping Inc known for promoting Auto show events throughout Southern California made their way into the MMA world this past Sunday. Pulling fighters from Local Gyms from the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties the promoters did a great job in the match making as the action would flow constantly throughout the evening giving the fans their moneys worth.

The night would start of in a feverish pace as Tommy Lee would take on fellow new comer Salem Shbash. As the bell rang for round one both fighters would come out cautious as both looked to gauge the distance before they would start to strike. After a few seconds of circling each other though Lee would look to shoot for the takedown but Shbash would be ready as he would sprawl effectively and follow it up with a knee to Lee’s face that would not only put his opponent down but open his forehead up as well. Seeing his opponent was hurt Shbash would go in for the kill immediately establishing side mount and posturing up to land punches. The ref seeing that Lee was not intelligently defending himself would call the fight giving Shbash his first pro win.

Stepping into the ring after four years since his first fight in 2004 Kris Kyle (0-1) would take on new comer Darby Faulkner. Kyle would show no ring rust as he would come out fast throwing heavy punches, Faulkner not wanting to back down would oblige his opponent and meet him with some punches of his own. For a second it would seem Faulkner would get the better of Kyle but as Kyle would back step he would land a vicious right hand that would send his opponent smashing into the ground ala Rich Franklin/Nate Quarry. The ref would see this and immediately step in stopping the contest just 20 seconds into the round.

In what could be considered the fight of the night PFP and CXF veteran Karen Darabedyan (2-1) would take on California Cage Combat veteran Anthony Mcdavitt (3-3). Not wanting to disappoint the fans both Darabedyan and Mcdavitt came out brawling as both swung for the fences on the feet and fought actively inside the clinch. Although Mcdavitt would throw more punches it would be Darabedyan who would have the crisper punches as he would land more decisively throughout the fight. Inside the clinch both would attempt the takedown only to nullify each other using dirty boxing and pummeling. In the end it would be Darabedyan’s punches that would carry him to victory as the judges would award him the unanimous decision victory.

In the Co main event of the night ISCF veteran John Walsh (3-0) would take on Invincible Fighting Middleweight champion Jessie Juarez (5-4). Juarez would come out relaxed and establish control quickly using his leg kicks and punches as Walsh could never really get going on the feet. Frustrated Walsh would attempt to get the fight to the floor only to have Juarez on each attempt land in top position where he would work his ground and pound. Walsh’s only opportunity came after an attempted reversal from the bottom as he would scramble to his knees only to have the seasoned Juarez use the reversal as an opportunity to catch him with a right hand that would put Walsh back down on his stomach. Juarez at this point would go in for the kill gaining top position and finishing the fight with punches via TKO.

In the main event of the night Ismael “The Rocket” Gonzales (4-6-1) would take on fellow CITC and Invincible Fighting veteran Erik Meaders (2-8-1). In what was a three round war both fighters came out throwing kicks and punches from all angles. Gonzales on one hand would use his tall frame to his advantage as he would use his TKD style kicks to set up his punches going into the clinch. Meaders on the other hand would use a basic round kick followed by a one two as both would bait each other coming in as they looked to capitalize in the stand up.

As the fight wore on Meaders would attempt to change the game plan and look for the takedown but each time Gonzales’s base would be too much for him as he would just land up on his back with Gonzales on top. In the third knowing he was down Meaders would work from the bottom and open up Gonzales with an elbow to the eye, seeing he was cut Meaders would scramble to his feet and put Gonzales down on his back but as he would get to top position he would land an illegal knee to the head that would cost him a point just 14 seconds left in the fight. Gonzales would take a few seconds to regain his composure after the illegal blow and come out blazing landing a viscous front kick to the face of his opponent at the end of round three. In the end all three judges would score the contest in Gonzales favor 29-27.

Official Results

Salem Shbash def Tommy Lee via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 0:54 R1

Paul Karsky def Brandon Michels via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Kris Kyle def Darby Faulkner via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 0:20 R1

Raja Shippen def Balmore Prudencio via Decision (split) 3:00 R3

Karen Darabedyan def Anthony Mcdavitt via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

Jessie Juarez def John Walsh via TKO (Ref Stoppage) 2:14 R1

Ismael Gonzales def Erik Meaders via Decision (Unanimous) 3:00 R3

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