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With more them 350 competitors from 56 schools the LI PRIDE XI hit a new record.

Growing in quality and building a strong reputation. The championship in New York keeping attracting new competitors and schools per each edition.  

The first part of the tournament, on the  morning of the event had 90 children competing, making the spectators whitness many impressive fights.  At 12:00 Master and Seniors entered the mat, to proof why the over 30 generation are still competing and showing lots of techniques.  

The afternoon starts with a very exciting Black belt Challenger between the LI PRIDE III  Super Belt Champion Daniel Tavares / SAS TEAM

submiting by arm bar the Alliance Black Belt Kevin Sheridan.

The promoters Eloy Santos and Milton Regis are very happy with

the success of the LI PRIDE Championship and the feedback received

from the Jiu jitsu community.

 Bellow you can see the results from LI PRIDE XI

Saturday March 5th – York College, NY Sponsored by Keiko Sports, US ARMY, Hold Fast Fight Gear, CEO Emergency Ambulance, Gracie Mag and Tatame.  



1st place with 46 points GRACIE BARRA LI

2nd place very close with 44 points KIOTOBJJ

3rd place with 40 points



1st place KIMURABJJ 135 points

2nd place KIOTOBJJ 96 points 3

rd place RENZO GRACIE 69 points


The next events will be LI PRIDE XII May 22nd LI PRIDE XIII Sep 16th www.lipridebjj.com <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=jgpktedab&et=1104784561133&s=1052&e=0011rLoe8dyFJ2xRKrgUrv1cqCOvvotTKlAbSnrSJkks9YZojo354QOvu6R9RvzuywT-F8Dc-Rs1t3Cz-CiC0FaYrvU0Gebq6zMFJg53FVx6wy9FXnJQforbQ==>  BEST REGARDS ELOY SANTOS & MILTON REGIS    PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SEE INFORMATION ABOUT THE DELIVERING OF MEDALS https://origin.library.constantcontact.com/doc205/1102887337161/doc/xM8fNwCjenme4OU5.pdf <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=jgpktedab&et=1104784561133&s=1052&e=0011rLoe8dyFJ2oBYmAzKlWSA35bA_Qepq_IzxbrcjIJhEOJMVQH2mS8FmQtoEjpA6VpU_q4S8iM7KbiqR0bacT_TWb4CiN50G84p6d4BzJKueZDU7AYObVazftL1ldU-LPNopd9_G3P_-BjAMwA3MQKHxnxCXmLQFAMtm-sV0Zbs5G4Nc0muYTte2-fP5OitW1hGuN-jdNhuA=>     


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