Want to get sponsored??? Look no further!!!

 Are you an amateur or pro fighter who is looking for a little support from companies to help you reach you goals? Well look no further, HOOKIT.com is your one stop shop for sponsorships, ranging from Smith Optics to Jaco fight gear. HOOKIT.com is a one -of- a -kind site that helps young & old athletes from BMX to MMA get the support they need from companies looking to provide sponsorship.
I know everyone wants to know how this can be done. Well, from my experience, you can receive a sponsorship of 30% off all products & sometimes a free “starter pack”, to a full sponsorship. I’m currently using this site and have been for about 6 months and it’s great. All you have to do is create a profile to receive 10 free sponsorship applications. I currently have sponsorship support from Jaco Clothing, Oxygen 4 Energy, Fluid Muscle Recovery, and a couple others. The sponsorship help I’m receiving ranges from 30% off all gear to 50% off all gear with free team packs (t-shirts, stickers, patches, new products, etc) every 4 months. Once you receive a sponsorship, all you have to do is electronically sign the contract on the site and you will become an officially sponsored by the company.
I’ve posted the link and a short video about the site below for anyone who is interested in getting support. Good Luck!



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