mad jack magee is in germany WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ok so picture this, im in brazil im tanned i have a great g/f im in the sun im training with an acadamy full of black belts in a house full of fighters surrounded by great people and an oppertunity comes up …………………………………………. me and dennis are having a coffe and he asks me ” hey how would you feel about going to germany” i asked him if i had pissed him off or he was mad at me i said ” cold weather no beach no BJJ NO THANKS” but he explained all the benifits and said i could really give myself a great oppertunity to fight MMA and get the name i deserve, trusting dennis 100% i looked the gym MMA-SPIRIT up on the web and i nearly shot my load WOW!! this gym was a fighters dream look for your self next thing im on the plane landing in uk to spend new years eve with my family and see my best mate, i week in uk and im off to germany still pretty jet lagged i get picked up from daniel weichel and go to the gym we have a little roll and swap a few stories then i move into my flat.

the gym here is amazing im eating lots of good food and training lots i have a fight on the 19th of febuary to see if i can fight on M-1 then who knows.

im teaching BJJ MMA and no gi here and as u can see from the picture and video 



mad jack magee

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