Made it to Hong Kong

Well, we made it to Hong Kong.  Took us about 21 hours total to get here.  We had a stop in Tokyo with a few hour layover.  Had some fried rice there and a few beers, so it wasn’t too bad.  

On the fight out it wasn’t too crowded and our boys and Flytellegent got us an upgrade to econo plus.  I thought we were going to have some special seats, but at first they were going to put is in two middle seats with people on each side of us.  But lucky our buddy Jeff Roberts the Dr., had given us each Dr.’s notes describing all the injuries we both had, so that got me moved to a window on the right side of the plane and Ryan got an isle seat on the left side. People always think it is funny that we don’t want to sit together, but we are both so broken that we can’t.  I need the right side window, cause my neck doesn’t bend left and Ryan has a torn rotator cuff on the left side so he needs a left side window. LOL 

Next plane to Hong Kong we showed our Dr.’s notes again and we got 3 full seats alone each, so we could sorta lie down.

Once in Hong Kong, we hadn’t had time to book a hotel before we left and we didn’t know that it was a holiday here so all the cheap hotels in Kowloon, the cool section of town, were booked up. So last night we ended up at the airport hotel. It was a bit pricey, but very nice and very convenient. It’s about 7 a.m. now and we are about to hit the gym, go eat, and then meet our broker over here.

Today we will take a few busses into the heart of China. The busses take between 3 and 5 hours depending on traffic and schedule. We have to stop twice for customs and immigration too. 

One year we had to sit with a large group of Chinese muslims. I had no idea they even existed. They lady I got stuck next to had a huge bundle of crap on her lap, that took up about 1/2 of my seat too and she didn’t smell very good. She wore some rose water parfum.  I recognized it from when i lived in Iran, everyone wore it there. They even put it in the ice cream there. I hated it as a kid. Who would ruin ice cream with rose water? YUCK

More details to come!


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