Maiquel Falcão and Sergio Jr. give a show in the Apocalypse FC

The Apocalyse Fighting Championship debuted successfully on Saturday night, in Passo Fundo, and joined the circuit of major events in Brazil. Despite the rain, the public showed up in weight and was not disappointed, watching the duo formed by RFT Maiquel Falcão and Sergio Junior back to win with class.

Maiquel Falcão had no regard for the young Douglas Del Rio and knocked out with a devastating sequence of punches in just 1 minute and 15 seconds. Already Sergio Jr. accelerated his motorcycle at the entrance and gave a show submiting Paraguayan Edgar Dayon with a guillotine in 15 seconds.

In the best fight of the night Rafael "Morcego" and Wagner Noronha put the heart at the tip of the gloves and gave a real show in the duel of the States Santa Catarina vs Rio Grande do Sul. The crowd cheered every move. Wagner was able to dominate the fight briefly, working in ground and pound strikes, leaving Batman with the left eye closed. Despite the difficult to see and with sharpen takedowns, "Morcego" was able to control the actions and win by 2 x 1.

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