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Is Marcelo Giudici the best fighter to have never fought outside of Brazil? Promoter: A lot of people have watched your fights from years past and have been very impressed. Why have you never fought in Japan or the USA?

Giudici: I’ve never had the opportunity to fight out side of my country. I’m always with Renzo Gracie, Daniel Gracie and my Friend Ryan Gracie but I’ve never opened opportunities to me but right now I have this opportunity and I like say thank you to my manager Mr. Doug Wilson to help me Make this Happen.

Promoter: Rumor has it that you fought closed door matches against some of the best fighter in Brazil for no money? Is the true? How did the fights go?

Giudici: I went to the USA to fight in Pan American Games of Jiu Jitsu and I visited Master Carlson Gracie and I asked him to train or test with his students. Carlson said this time I don’t have anyone in your right weight division to train with here and I said no problem I’ll train with anyone and so I got Vitor Belfort, Allan Goes and Wallid Ismael. I fought with Allan for the first for 10 Min and afterwards Wallid for 10 Min and Carlson was very happy with my style and talent. Wallid and Alan didn’t make me tap and I fought very hard this time. Carlson said you are on my Team right now stay here but was very hard for me at this time. Thank you to Master Carlson to help me and make this fight to test with the best students at the time.

Promoter: A lot of people think that at age 40, most fighters are past their prime! Do you still feel you can compete with the top fighters in the world at your weight class?

Giudici: I’m in my prime right now and I feel like I’m 20 years old! I don’t have any problems, I would like to have the opportunity to show everyone in world I’m the best in my Division 155.

Promoter: Years back people said your career took a setback when you were shot outside of your school! Can you elaborate on this incident and are healthy since this happened?

Giudici: I’m very healthy and about incident I was going to my school at night time and a couple peoples tried to grab my motorcycle and I fought back and this guy shot me. But Everything is okay now.

Promoter: Please tell people in the USA more about your background in Jiu Jitsu/Chinese boxing/judo?

Giudici: I started to train when I was 6 years old. My Mom loves sport and helped me a lot. I started Judo and fought a lot Judo competition and after Judo I trained in Kung Fu For long time. I’m a 7 time National Champion and after went to China to train and fight at the invitation of the Chinese Masters to Train Lei Tai (Chinese Boxing) . I stayed in China for 3 years to Training and Fight And to learn the Chinese Art, I’m a 2 time National Champion , 2 time Champion in Asian , and 2 time World champion (Pequim and Tawain). I’m only Person in World To Have this Invitation to represent China.

Promoter: Are there any last things you would like to say to the fans in the USA?

Giudicio: I can’t believe I have so many fans in the USA, I’m very happy to know and I have a lot more energy to train to make all my fans happy , I like to talk with everyone I can, thank you so much for everything.

Promoter: when was your last fight? Who was it against and how did it go?

Giudici: I fought with Adriano Munil. He is a recent champion here in the time and organization called me to fight one month before fight day and I started to train very hard for this fight but I hurt my foot and I needed to lose 5 kilos too. Sometimes I like to go hard but I need to take care myself in and around. Right now I’m the Champion at 41 years old.

Promoter: What Show you like to Fight in U.S.A ? When you think you ready? Who you like to fight in your division?

Giudici: I like fight in the best organization because I like to fight with the best and everything right now is in hands of my Manager Doug Wilson. The only title I need is I will fight with any one they put in front of me to fight. I’m very confident with my coachs and techniques. Like I said I’m very happy and thank you to help me have this opportunity. Thanks

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